Udaipur is my favourite place in India so far. We spent two days there during our whirlwind tour of Rajasthan, and I was instantly charmed by the place. It really felt different to the other cities that I’ve been to in India.

It’s a very popular tourist destination thanks to its Rajput-era palaces, history, culture and scenic beauty. Ah, so romantic!

Many of the old palaces have been converted into luxury hotels such as the Lake Palace, which has an interesting story behind it. A prince from the House of Mewar used to indulge in moonlight picnics with the ladies of the Zenana on the neighbouring lake island palace of Jag Mandir. He enjoyed quite the time until his father found out and put an end to it

And what would any self-entitled prince looking for a bit of debauchery do? Build another pleasure palace, of course! Jag Nawas was therefore also built on Lake Pichola, and now houses the luxurious Lake Palace Hotel.

I just love stories like this!

Udaipur really has a distinctive character that made it stand out from the other places that we’ve been to during our month here. The aforementioned Lake Pichola is central to the main palaces, and at night it’s so beautiful – all the palaces, including the ones floating in the water, are lit up. It’s incredibly atmospheric.

Here are just some of the reasons why we loved Udaipur so much and why you should definitely add it to your Rajasthan itinerary.

It’s clean 

Truth is, India isn’t the cleanest of countries, however, Udaipur is the cleanest city I’ve visited here thus far. There was little sign of the usual combination of trash and cow dung that makes walking around a bit unpleasant at times. I was really surprised at just how clean it was, so I looked into it a little further. Turns out, the authorities there have implemented a strict ‘Clean Udaipur’ initiative in order to keep the streets gleaming.